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All the programming, information, publications, essential elements for the operation of the website such as designs, logos, graphics and texts are the property of the person in charge (Parking San julian), however, if it is not your property, it has the licenses or permissions from the respective authors to make use of their material. Everything on this website is protected by intellectual and industrial property laws, which are registered in the relevant public records.

For the production, exploitation, total or partial commercialization, and distribution of the content of this website, a written authorization from the person in charge is necessary, regardless of the purpose for which this content would be used. In case of making use of the content without authorization by Parking San Julian, it will be considered a breach of the intellectual and industrial property rights of the author of the content.

All content such as logos, texts, graphics or photographs that take place on this website, which are not the property of the person in charge, are the property of their authors; and these will have all the responsibility for any controversy that falls on the content or on them. Additionally, Parking San Julian allows any third party to redirect any content from the website or to the main website / .

Parking San Julian acknowledges the intellectual and industrial property rights of third-party content, however any mention or appearance on this website is not related to any type of right, endorsement, recommendation or responsibility on the part of this website. .

If you have any comments regarding a possible breach of intellectual and industrial property rights, you can do so by sending an email to .


In case there is information manipulated or published by a third party outside the website, the person in charge will not assume responsibility for what happened, however, it will take immediate action to solve the situation as soon as possible.

Use of Cookies

On the website of the person in charge, a cookie technique is used, which consists of several small information files that go from the server to the electronic device of the user through which he is accessing the website, this is in order to carry out some important functions for the proper functioning and visualization of the website. However, the use of this technique is temporary, since it only fulfills the function of improving the user’s experience on the website, and they disappear when the user ends the session. In any case, the cookie technique does not provide personal data of the user of any kind.

Cookies allow the website server to know which browser the user is using, with the aim of providing a more pleasant browsing experience, and allowing users previously registered on the website to access certain areas, to be able to access exclusive services, promotions and contests for them without having to register for each visit they make. On the other hand, cookies can be a tool to measure certain characteristics of incoming traffic to the website, this in order to monitor progress, number of entries, etc. However, cookies are not necessary to navigate the website, but they are excellent for facilitating navigation, which is why cookies will not be installed on this website without the user’s prior consent.

On this website, analytical cookies (_ga or _utm) belonging to Google Analytics are used, which last two years, in order to enable the visitor control function to make navigation easier. All users who have visited the website are informed of the use of cookies by means of a floating banner (advertisement). If the user continues browsing, it will be considered that they agree to the use of cookies. If the use is accepted, the banner will disappear, although it is possible to revoke the consent and obtain information at any time by consulting our Cookies policy.

The cookies used on this website are analytical cookies (_ga or _utm) that are owned by Google Analytics, which last for more than a year with the aim of activating a visitor control function so that any navigation on the site web much more efficient. However, all users who visit the website are warned of the use of these cookies by a floating advertisement (Banner), and if the user continues browsing the website, it will be considered that they accept the terms and conditions of use. of cookies. On the other hand, if the user manually accepts the use of cookies, this ad disappears, but it is possible to modify this decision by consulting our cookie policy.

In the event that the user wishes to modify the browser settings to program a notice of receiving cookies, only to prevent the installation on his computer, he can consult it in the instructions of his browser or in informative videos.

Linking Policy

In the linking policy it is stated that you can redirect from this website to a third party website where some content is used. Parking San Julian cannot control all the content published by a third-party website, which is why it cannot take responsibility for what is made public on these websites. In the event of having content that may violate national or international laws, morality and public order, all content and any redirection to the website will be removed immediately, in turn, the relevant authorities will be notified about the content. .

The person in charge complies with articles 11 and 16 of the law of services of the information society and electronic commerce (LSSICE), which consists of helping users, authorities and security, in the collaboration of withdrawing and blocking any type of content that does not comply with national and international laws, third-party rights, morality and public order. If a user were to detect any content with the above descriptions, it is necessary to notify the administrator of the responsible website.

An exhaustive review and several tests have been carried out to certify the proper functioning of the website, which can be guaranteed every day of the year, but the person in charge cannot assume or rule out some programming errors, the occurrence of natural disasters or situations of force greater than prevent the operation of the website for a period of time.

IP address

The person in charge warns that the servers where the website is hosted can automatically detect IP addresses and domain names that are used by users who visit the website. IP addresses are basically a series of numbers that are assigned to a computer when it connects to the Internet. However, all the information and data collected through the servers are recorded in a security file that will be processed in order to obtain statistical measurements, and to be able to study the behavior or some characteristics of the traffic.


All the provisions, questions, information that is related to the website or activities that are carried out, are governed exclusively by Spanish Law, court and / or courts close to the region of Malaga, and that are competent for the resolution of any conflict that is related to the use of this website or its content.

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