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In the following pages we will talk about the privacy policy of Parking San Julian, which has as main objective to inform all users or interested parties about the terms of privacy, treatments made and any action of the website that may compromise personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law 3/2018 of December 5, 2018 on the Protection of Personal Data, guarantee of digital rights, regulation of the European Union (EU) 2016/679 of the council of 27 April 2016.

Information and details of the Responsible

  • Domain name: .
  • Trade name: Parking San Julian
  • ID: B29667458
  • Registered address: pol.ind. Villarosa ctra Guadalmar 4-6 , 29004 MALAGA (MALAGA)
  • Telephone numbers: 952 241 288 or 664 610 443
  • E-mail:

Aims and purpose of the processing of personal data

The San Julián car park is responsible for everything contained in the website and for the processing of personal data collected through surveys, cookies, and any other means of communication between the user and the website administrator. All user and browser data will be used and/or processed for the purpose of:

  • To deal with any observations, complaints, requests, incidents or resolution of doubts that have been raised through the media on the website.
  • Detect any vulnerability in the website depending on the behaviour of each user when logging in.
  • Prepare and send any requested quotation or information.
  • Preparing and scheduling any type of appointment or meeting.
  • Comply with all legal requirements that apply to and regulate our business.
  • Review C.V
  • Protect and enable customers or users to have the possibility to make complaints and the responsibility to answer them.
  • Maintain fluid and active communication between the user and the person in charge.


Legal requirements regarding the processing of personal data

Every collection of personal data has a legal, business and important reason for any organisation. The data controller is aware of the legal and statutory basis for the processing of the data, which is for the purpose of:

    • <li

Obtaining the user's consent to process their data

    • Depending on the type of transaction or relationship a user has with the website, he or she will need to give consent to the data controller to process his or her data.

<liComply with the legal requirements and obligations inherent to the economic activity.: Every economic activity has obligations to process a certain amount of data, so there are cases where the user does not have the option to refuse to provide the requested personal data.

<liProtect our interests, image, track record and integrity of the digital attack organisation.Due to the common occurrence of cyber attacks, website users and data subjects may not refuse the processing of their personal data, but may protest if they have a legal basis to support their arguments.

<liExecuting a previously existing contract to which the user is a partyIf there is a prior contract agreed upon by the user, the user may not refuse the processing of his personal data. In case of refusal, the fulfilment of the implications of the contract becomes impossible.

Time span for data retention: 

The data shall be retained by the website operator for as long as necessary to fulfil the relationship between the user and the operator, until the processing is completed and the data is no longer required.

After having determined that the user's personal data are not required, they should be kept on file, in order to make them available to any relevant entity if necessary, such as administrations, public bodies, security, judges and courts, depending on the statute of limitations of the actions inherent to the relationship between the user and the controller.

Automations and profiles

Parking San Julian does not use automated decisions to make the customer feel more comfortable at the time of being served, nor does it create profiles with your data.

Redirection of personal data to relevant bodies.

The party responsible for the website and for the personal data of users may provide these data to the following bodies and organisations if necessary:

  • Judges
  • Courts
  • National security forces
  • Any competent authority or body which needs the collection or processing of such personal data, only if it has a legal obligation to provide them.

However, the controller has no obligation or power to make any transfer of users' personal data to any international body.

Users' rights with regard to their personal data

Users, customers and interested parties may at any time exercise their rights of access, limitation of processing, modification or rectification of their personal data, as well as object to the processing thereof, or withdraw consent to the organisation's processing of personal data. However, in the case of automated procedures, it is not possible to stop the processing of data. In the event of wishing to exercise some of these rights, the data controller has forms, or can send a written note to the postal address where the organisation is located or to the e-mail address set out in the previous points. In the case of making the request, a photocopy of the D.N.I. or identification document must also be attached, in order to corroborate the identity of the applicant.

If the rights of a user, customer or interested party have been infringed in any way in the exercise of their personal data protection rights and/or they have failed to protect them satisfactorily, they may lodge a complaint which should be addressed to the Spanish Data Protection Agency at its website. Additionally, if you do not wish to receive any type of notification via e-mail or any other means of communication, simply unsubscribe by sending an e-mail to the above address.

Accuracy and precision of data

All users, customers and interested parties must guarantee the veracity of the personal data that will be used, or are already being used in the database. In case of any change, they must undertake to report such information to the responsible person through the communication channels provided by the website.

In the event of non-compliance with this obligation, any direct or indirect loss and damage caused thereby shall be the responsibility of the defaulting user, customer and party in interest.

However, in the event that a user declares data of a third party, it must be verified that he/she has the consent of this third party, and he/she must provide all the information of this privacy policy in order not to incur in any type of fault, thus exempting the organisation from any responsibility for non-compliance with the same.

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